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From all over the place to fully integrated team, projects, and communications; join DebugTool to take complete charge of your agency today. Spend 85% more time on productive work by cutting the clutter and enhancing your efficacy and effectiveness right away. Watch our video below to get an idea of what our software can do for you.

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Cluttered communication is bad communication; it’s counterproductive!

Consistent barrages of emails, messages, zoom invites and calls make your work lost in communication.Not only does it kill your time and energy, but it also hurts your focus and creativity. Luckily, DebugTool is here to help. We’ll bring everything under the purview of just one screen.

Let’s debug your projects with DebugTool!

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Step 1: The DebugTool dashboard

DebugTool dashboard gives you a consolidated overview of what's happening in your agency

It shows how many projects your network currently has and which ones are critical. Also, what needs to be done urgently, which requests need attention, and how many tasks have your team completed so far. And, on which tasks your team has been working on recently.

All this information is available on one screen.

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Step 2: The Client integration plugin

Communication is good but time-wasting communication is bad!

When your client comments, this interface plugin shows you exactly where the client is referring to, this helps you avoid to and from mode of communication. You just know what the client means by taking one look. When a client comments, a screenshot of what they are looking at is captured. So you know what they are seeing when commenting. This saves valuable time for both you and your client.

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Step 3: Task delegation to your team

Automated team management helps in a smooth workflow

You don’t need to dig into emails for assigned tasks, nor do you need multiple ineffective management tools to integrate your team.

  • Turn your client's comment into a new task
  • Delegate it to one of your team members
  • Set the priority and importance of the task
  • Set a deadline for completion
  • Keep track of all the tasks and organize them on a board

And you know what,

Our mission is not just to give you the tools and step aside, we also provide the resources to help you develop your agency

Our knowledge and experience, now spanning more than a decade, enable us to understand the challenges and trials that come when you start your own agency. That’s why, we'll help you get the best out of DebugTool by providing every bit of information required to succeed in this market.

Our resources include:

  • Remarkable work methods to help you build the best pages
  • Insights to help you learn and grow, including a timetracking tool
  • Coaching video's to help you learn and effectively use DebugTool
  • Every month free updates to get even more out of the system
  • Round-the-clock available team to help solve your issues
  • Available all the time by email for support and assistance
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Plans and pricing

The DebugTool is offered in different subscription plans. A 7-day free trial period is offered to you to help you make an informed decision! This 7 days trial period will enable you to use DebugTool and manage your workflow on its dashboard. After that, you can gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of this amazing tool and make your decision.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs?


  • Debug 100 urls per month / +- 10 websites
  • 10 gb in clients assets
  • 1 seat (for you)
  • Covers all the aspects that you need to manage your work
  • 7 days free trail period

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  • Debug 300 urls per month / +- 30 websites
  • 50 gb in clients assets
  • Unlimited teammembers
  • Covers all the aspects that you need to manage your work
  • 7 days free trail period

Start right away and your business grow to new heights with increased profits and more work through efficient delivery

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  • Debug 1000 urls per month / +- 100 websites
  • 100 gb in clients assets
  • Unlimited teammembers
  • Covers all the aspects that you need to manage your work
  • 7 days free trail period

For agencies who have their eyes on business expansion and want to upgrade to a much larger business entity

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