DebugTool is your ultimate partner for website design and development completion.

DebugTool is your ultimate partner for website  design and development completion.

Multiple channels of communication take the wind out of your sails. The constant back and forth between you, the manager, your team, and your clients takes more time than the actual time consumed by the project activities.

This makes it difficult to complete more projects in less time. The problem bugged people for a long time until we developed a solution; a one-stop platform with integrated communication and highly efficient workflow. The result is DebugTool, a highly efficient program that helps in the timely completion of the design of websites and the development of systems.

In addition, the DebugTool comes with an extensive CMS system. The communication with the DebugTool and the CMS goes via an API. In the CMS, you can analyze important and in-depth statistics, such as:

  • How many bugs are open?
  • How much time is spent on average on bugs?
  • Who are your best programmers?
  • What is the average time spent on bug fixes?
  • Who are your best customers?

Our Mission and vision

Helping professionals focus on creativity and quality

DebugTool team is inspired by real-life challenges and this motivated to convert those obstructions into opportunities. We aim to facilitate website designers and developers focus on creativity, quality, and effectiveness without spending that precious time on cluttered emails or messages. We envision helping build a more connected network for our creative professionals where 100% of their energy is spent on technical and inspirational work.

Our values and culture

Our team shares the collective vision and is highly motivated, therefore. We have design and development professionals in our team who have faced the trials and tribulations of communication and therefore understand the pain of it.

The culture at DebugTool is based on five central values.


We wouldn’t exist without a problem-solving attitude and a thirst for finding new solutions to emerging problems. It’s the purpose of our existence.


While we reduce your time spent in communication, our team is available for feedback and believes in open and honest communication.


We deliver on our promises and that happens through sheer hard work combined with creative and smart insights. We work!


Innovation is the key ingredient to our programming life. DebugTool is proof of our innovative genius. Our team is constantly finding solutions to new challenges.


Work reduction for you means more creative work. We do exactly that through automation, the processes that save precious time for designers and developers.

Why you need DebugTool?

Website design and development is a creative process, it must get your full attention.

With this amazing automation tool, you get more time allocated to your technical work, less on communiqué, and long explanations. Moreover, you get rid of middlemen as there is a direct and uninterrupted channel of communication between you, your client, and your team. No need to reply to emails or messages and take screenshots for explanations. All that is done automatically on a single screen. Also, your customers don’t need to worry about the progress or constantly bug you for updates. They can follow that in real-time without any hassle. You get an integrated team that gets more projects done and you get more business with much happier and satisfied clients with better future recommendations.

Thanks to the DebugTool it is immediately clear where the bug is, on the screen there will be dots and if you click on them you will immediately get to see what is wrong. Also, you will get extra information like screen width, operating system etc. This is often a problem with customers, who mostly do not have the technical background. As a result, you have to mail people 10 times, mails get lost and a lot of time is lost, it creates a lot of frustration. The DebugTool effectively solves this annoying problem.

Benefits DebugTool:

  • Less time lost
  • One clear channel of communication, between programmer and customer, no more middlemen
  • The customer can follow the progress live and does not have to constantly ask for it by mail for a status update. He or she automatically receives a mail when a bug is updated, and the programmer receives a mail when a new bug is created.
  • More effective. A team is able to carry out more projects.
  • Excellent time tracking, which can help with billing customers
  • Better customer service. The customer has an immediate overview of the status of things through the test domain.
  • Better information exchange. The programmer automatically receives the data he needs, I.e. browser type, screen size, images, video links all in one environment.
  • Effective customer management system. Bugs also automatically appear in the overview of the CMS. The programmer can also solve the problems one by one. Your project managers and programmers have an effective customer management system.
  • Increase in orders. As customers are satisfied, more orders will be placed.


At the conclusion of a project it is custom that a website or system is always uploaded to a test address. This test address is created as a project in the DebugTool. When customers have a valid subscription, they can add a JavaScript file in their code. The DebugTool will appear when visiting this address.

What our satisfied clients say about us…

If you’re a web developer like me, you must get this.
I’ve struggled to balance my work with the time communication takes but only DebugTool helped. It’s great

Brian CookBrian Cook

The only thing I regret is not having tried it earlier.
It’s just a life-saver for me. I feel like I’m in control of my projects again and my clients are happy too.

Carol SandersCarol Sanders

I’m happy, my clients are overjoyed.
Yes, I love this tool but my clients are crazy-happy to have used this. They think DebugTool has relieved them of meaningless emails. Great Work.

Kelly RobersonKelly Roberson
Our clients speak for us
4.5 / 5

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