Debugtool focuses mostly on design and WordPress web agencies that want to scale up and grow but it can also be used for larger systems. We have a visual debugger for design and websites and it’s possible to make click models. The system supports the web process for a-z and in the future also user feedback options will be implemented.

Absolutely we use ajax to store all messages and you need to install our WordPress plugin or Javascript code to include the tool on your website or system.

Yes, we have, Debugtool is here to stay! We have started with a simple setup but all main futures to save time in your development process are already integrated. The main focus will be on making it a complete system to start competing with the big boys in the market!  We are a talented group based in Mexico and we have to build big software systems for our clients, because we are in Mexico we can develop at a low cost. We got 3 people in the marketing and 6 developers, backend, full-stack, and WordPress developers. As soon we start selling 3 programmers will work full-time on the system. We are open to new ideas! https://trello.com/b/kzTYfiy8/roadmap

Yes, you can, but all our accounts got unlimited users! So add as many as you like! We don’t like limits!

Yes we have, we can even help you set up the system on a VPS so you won’t be on a shared server

Yes, you can! Upgrade anytime you like you can find this on the subscription page.

Nope, they cannot,  our system has a client-side which is directly on the website, and the agency site where you can view all statistics and see what is going on inside your agency!

Although we already have a way to implement this in this version this is still not available.

Our team is working hard to implement this, this is currently on our high priority list!

Absolutely we got over 15 years of experience in WordPress and we love WordPress! Our tool has also a plugin frontend and backend for WordPress to speed up the development process!

Yes, we do, our agency subscription has this! If you even want more talk to one of our experts.

We got clients, programmers, project managers, designers, and text writers. Each got different powers in the system.

Developers and designers can only see the project they are assigned to and have less power in deleting things.

It will store the URL and with the screenshot mode, you can make points clear. If you go to the correct URL the point will appear as the point is put in the divs of your website.

Yes, it does, it will even log browser type, screen size operation system, and everything this is the strength of our tool.

Yes, it does we optimize the system for pc and mobile!

For now, it only supports English but all have been put in a language string, we are planning to put the system in Spanish, German, and Dutch soon.

Yes, it does as well on the client-side as on the agency side! The client is informed by mail and so is everybody else involved in the project! Our software is aimed at efficiency in order to help your agency grow.

Yes, you can the system will automatically send an email with the address of the project.

We got the client-side the visual debugger.

The agency side contains:

  • Profile section.
  • Team section.
  • Dashboard statistics.
  • Project center.
  • Board center.
  • Task center.
  • Projectmanagement center.
  • Hour registration section.
  • Invoice center.
  • Subscription Center.
  • WordPress plugin.
  • Mockup & design center.

Yes, they can, you can set the priority and status of the bug. Also, you can assign the bug to the client of a programmer.

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